STEP 1- Choose a power plan

Power SURE Range

Power SURE Solar Systems (by VDP Energy)

Power SURE systems store energy in battery banks

Power SURE systems offer the following benefits:

  • ESS (Energy Storage System) / Self-Consumption- watch video: CLICK HERE!
  • Power during Utility Failure (e.g. Load Shedding)
  • Self-Consumption Energy Usage + Battery Backup
  • Energy Cost Savings
  • Sell Excess energy back to the Utility (Nett Metering) 
  • Energy Independence 

These systems can be configured to achieve all or most of the above benefits, based on the technology chosen or your specific requirement.

These systems are usually configured to do the following:

  • Store Solar Energy during the day
  • Use stored Solar Energy during the night or during Peak (expensive) periods 
  • Leave a backup reserve in the battery bank (in case of grid failure / load-shedding)

CONFIGURATION: ESS / Self-Consumption / UPS / Off-Grid

TECHNOLOGY: Tier-One Manufacturers Only.

PRICE RANGE: R80 000.00 – R650 000+ (installed)


Power SAVE Range

Power SAVE Solar Systems (by VDP Energy)

Power SAVE systems do NOT store energy in battery banks.

Power SAVE systems produce free electricity during the day and inject this power directly into the home’s electrical system.The Nett effect is a reduction in your utility bill. Excess power can be sold back to the Utility (if permission is granted by your SP).

Return on Investment can be less than 3 years with a 20 year IRR of up to 45%

Low Risk –  High Return Investment 

It is advised that the home owner try and maximise their day-time load, by running as many loads during the day as possible, including :

  • Swimming Pool Pump

  • Laundry: Washing Machines, Ironing, Tumble Dryer..
  • Dish Washers

  • Geysers/Heat Pumps

  • Under Floor Heating


TECHNOLOGY: Tier-One Manufacturers Only.

PRICE RANGE:  R35 000.00  –  R230 000.00  (installed)