The fresh new heart away from lust feeds into sexual time

The fresh new heart away from lust feeds into sexual time

A real possibility reveal in which contestants contend for starters fortunate man or woman’s affections, as they are altered up to they could. 39,799 Enjoys dos,388,151 Opinions 219 Chapters Deep English Brain Manage third People, Each other

The newest Celeb Handler because of the Spermlord

Jack Lord had business bending vitality, he can build everything he’s planning on a reality. After several years of staying an invisible if you are studies his electricity, the guy choose it’s in the end time for you to wade big to make their cure for hollywood. (Every Fakes use in my sections in this story are done because of the me) 14,244 Wants 4,806,053 Feedback 153 Chapters Deep English Attention Control third Individual, Each other

Pheromones by the Cham3leon

Into turning to get, you discover you have pheromones and therefore end in people woman in order to become strongly keen on your. Starting in school, enjoy strengthening your harem and you can development their energies. Highly customizable, together with your possibilities delivering you off different timelines inside same means and you will letters. and you may superheroes and the entire body change, oh my personal! cuatro,530 Loves 798,024 Views forty-two Chapters Strong English Brain Handle second Individual, Men

Normality from the Murakami

A long time ago, into the a bet even though super inebriated, a higher power of some kind produced a very unique goods. 71,526 Wants 18,064,861 Opinions 253 Sections Strong English Attention Manage third Person, One another

Reality Warped [Now Public] from the Goliath

Anybody towards you features attained the ability to alter one thing it wanted however they particularly. sixteen,687 Loves 5,016,268 Feedback 218 Chapters Deep English Attention Manage 2nd People, Each other

God’s Apprentice by Khan

An earlier man try skilled into stamina regarding a god. Just what will he use it having? 52,461 Wants a dozen,389,668 Opinions 101 Sections Strong English Head Manage 2nd Person, Male

Mindslaver because of the Emperor_Malgus

What if eventually since you had been on your computer creating nothing productive, training erotic reports or just what have you, until without warning, an enthusiastic Eldritch God appears before you, providing you the offer regarding a lifetime: Feel a good Mindslaver on the daha fazlasД±nД± bul low low cost of little! However, you must prefer how you control brains, what sort of slaves you need the slaves are, exactly what boons you would like which can be used on the submissives (and possibly your self), just what extra vitality and mind manage you desire, etc, etcetera. Total, a whole lot within my book, but either way, what might you choose, and you can after you’ve chosen their generate, what might you will do? Over come? Enslave? Laze around? This is your options, Mindslaver. 5,113 Loves step one,080,082 Opinions 84 Sections Strong English Mind Control first Individual, Male

Hypno Captions of the Bogglepomp

Often an image pleads for the majority of text to truly bring out their true potential. So it tale is actually for those people photos and you will captions. Stories could be towards reduced side, just as particular chew-size of entertainment to coordinate the brand new pics, no matter if when your really love impacts, extended reports was fine too. Mind-handle reports just. 8,490 Loves 2,085,473 Feedback 10 Chapters Strong English Notice Control 3rd Individual, Both

New Heart from Lust because of the Fantasy

To acquire the eating, it and has psychologically weak some body and provide them incredible sexual powers. Exactly how have a tendency to which transform their lifetime? 53,287 Wants 2,493,527 Viewpoints 317 Sections Strong English Notice Control third Individual, Men

Sexual Privilege of the SanctifiedVillified

This type of branching stories could have 3 simple premises: 1) Your occur within the a scene in which the profile And simply your reputation reaches has sex that have any kind of category otherwise categories of some one you decide on regardless of where so when he or she wishes. 2) The latest activities below which he otherwise she can has sex that have you to definitely category are specified generally or specifically. 3) This new impulse of those you have got sex which have and you will/or the public shall be picked. 167,220 Enjoys thirty-two,511,566 Views 53 Sections Strong English Notice Handle very first People, Men

Zero part is reproduced in every mode in the place of explicit authored permission. Every letters in every reports on this site is over 18.

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